Information on Mullein Tincture

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    Congestion and Coughs

    • Tincture of mullein leaves is given as an expectorant to those with chronic, dry cough and respiratory congestion. It loosens phlegm, stimulates coughing and helps the body get rid of the phlegm. It is used for treating asthma and wheezing as well.

      A dropper of the tincture should be given with some warm water every four hours. Since mullein is not toxic, there is no danger of overdose. A tea of mullein leaves can also be used in place of the tincture.

    Swelling and Pain

    • A tincture of the flowers of mullein can be useful to reduce swelling. In the process, it also relieves the pain that comes with the swelling. Abscesses on any part of the body, including on the gums and in the ear canals, can be relieved this way. In this case the tincture is applied externally at the site of the swelling. Used this way, the tincture is also a local anesthetic.

    Bone Ailments

    • A tincture made using the root of the mullein plant can also be used medicinally. Conditions include misalignments such as sciatica or slipped discs. Mullein has a lubricating effect on the fluids cushioning the joints and makes realignment possible. In addition, herbalists use tincture of mullein root to help line up broken bones so that they mend properly. For bone problems, the tincture is taken internally. In addition, a tea made from the roots is also effective for bone problems.

    Urinary Tract Problems

    • A tincture of mullein root can also be used to treat problems of the urinary system such as incontinence and bedwetting in children and adults. It has a diuretic and astringent effect on the urinary tract and helps tone the trigone muscle at the base of the bladder.

      The patient should drink a half-teaspoon of the tincture mixed with one-fourth cup of water before bedtime.

    Emotional and Nervous System Imbalance

    • Tincture of mullein flowers produces a sense of peacefulness in a patient. This is especially pronounced in those people suffering from chronic pain. The mullein helps reduce the pain and also to dispel the depression caused from the chronic condition. Tinctures of the leaves and roots also have a calming effect if taken internally.

      In addition, stress-induced flare-ups of dormant viruses such as herpes simplex also are alleviated by tincture or tea made from mullein flowers.


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