One of the Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast - Calorie Shifting Diet

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Often there are many diet where they starve you in order for you to lose the weight but the problem is that you gain it back quickly.
One of the best diet plans to lose weight fast is the calorie shifting diet.
But before I tell you about it, I am going to tell you how weight loss works.
The one and the most important thing you need to do is speed up your metabolism.
Once you do that, you are going to lose the weight.
Having said this, due to this the starving diets do not work because when you starve you slow down the metabolism.
Now you may think, well how come you do lose the weight when you eat less or starve your self.
This is what happens.
When you start your diet, you are in a higher calorie burning mode, so you lose a lot of weight fast, but as the time goes on you lose less and less weight.
Keep in mind that is not the real problem, the real problem is when you go back on the regular eating plan, you gain the weight back even faster because your metabolism is stuck in the low burning mode.
So that is not the solution.
Solution to actually eat a lot of small meals more frequently.
Our body can digest the food a lot faster when we eat smaller meals.
In addition to this if we are eating higher fibar meals, high protein meals, and a lot of fruits and vegetables our body is diagesting the food and speeding up metabolism.
Protein high foods keep us satisfied a lot longer.
Drinking a lot of water each day works great for the way our body looks but it also helps speed up our metabolism.
Exercise also helps us build muscle and even though we may not lose the pound or kilos we require, we tone our body.
The muscle overall requires a lot more calories to keep maintained.
At all costs you should avoid unhealthy snacks such as chips, chocolate, cookies, french frys etc.
, and a lot of dips that come with it.
One scoop of the dip has 60-100 calories while an apple contains the same.
Apple can helps us lose the weight, chips and dip cannot.
I often say the problem is not in the food, it is in what kind of food we eat.
As mentioned before,one of the best diets to lose the weight fast is calorie shifting diet program because with this diet you eat the food you like, you don't feel hungry and the whole time you are working on speeding up your metabolism.

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