A Guide With Some Lessons On How To Convert Dvd To Mpeg4

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Going on a long road trip wishing you got some blockbusters to help you keep boredom at bay? Bringing along DVDs and a tiny DVD player or laptop sure is impractical. Good thing there are portable MP4 players nowadays! Enjoying some blockbusters while on the way is now hassle-free. Simply convert DVD to MPEG4 to take your movies with you on your trip.

Convert DVD to MPEG4

But wait: first you need to convert your DVD movie into a format supported by a portable video player. Fret not, for you can do so easily with the Aimersoft DVD to MP4 Converter. It's so user friendly, that you can finish the entire task with just a few clicks of the mouse button. So you can transfer movies in supported formatting soon enough.

No matter which portable MP4 player you got, this Aimersoft application allows for conversion to a variety of popular players. It's very unlikely that the gadget you have can't playback a converted file, as most of them support MPEG4 formatting. Plus, no matter what your DVD contains - movies, series or music videos - the Aimersoft DVD to MP4 Converter can deal with it.

This application is a DVD ripper and converter in one. So you save on time and money as you don't need to purchase separate applications, and use them one after the other. Customizing the output is never a problem, as there are some functions for this task which you can use. And you don't have to be a professional to do it. Even if it's your first time to use such application, you'll find it stress-free to use.

You can set the picture's contrast, brightness, saturation and others. Choosing an appropriate screen resolution suitable for your portable MP4 player is also possible. Cropping and trimming capability let you enjoy more of the scenes that you like, and less of those you don't. This feature is also a great way to conserve hard disk space of your player. A preview shows you exactly just how the end product will look like.

The actual conversion is a breeze. Begin by buying and downloading the installer file from the official Aimersoft DVD to MP4 Converter webpage. After downloading, install it just like any other installer that you have worked on before. Run the application once finished, to proceed with the actual file conversion.

Look for the "Load DVD" button and click it. You may also choose "File" on the menu bar, then pick "Load DVD Folder". After doing either of the two, you will then have to choose in which ROM drive the DVD is. If you got on your PC's hard drive the IFO file, just choose "Load File". Once imported, you have to tick the chapters you want to include. If you want to include them all, click the "Check All" button.

There are other file output formats this software can do. However, most portable video players nowadays can playback MPEG4, as well as some other popular formats. If you're not so sure which types your gadget can support, there's no need to panic. Simply pick the brand and model of your player on the provided list.

Lastly, select which subtitle language and audio formatting you prefer. When everything's done, click on START and that's it! That's how easily you can convert DVD to MPEG4 with the Aimersoft DVD to MP4 Converter.


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