Social Media Marketing - Benefits of a Welcome Tab on Your Facebook Page

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The benefits of a welcome tab on your Facebook page are numerous.
It is really a good decision to learn how to create one or to get someone to create a welcome tab for you.
In order to have a welcome tab on your Facebook page first you need to have your own profile.
You have to have that profile setup and then once you do you will be able to have a Facebook page with a welcome page.
One of the biggest benefits is that you will be able to invite people to to "like" your page.
This is so very true for people who are relatively new to Facebook because it is not always intuitive.
I have had people say to me "ahhh, I wondered what that button was for!" When you have a static welcome page you can explain and provide specific instructions as to what you would like people to do.
Mari Smith asks people in her usual fun style to "clickety click on the button above".
The welcome page also lets them get to know you a little bit.
You can tell a little bit about yourself and if you know how a short little welcome video is a very good idea.
For an excellent example check out the Facebook welcome page for Ezine Articles! (sign in to your Facebook account, type Ezine Articles into the search bar) A welcome page can be creative, a place to show off your personality.
In many cases people will be attracted to you and how you deliver your message.
This is a place where you can really "let your light shine".
Now it could get annoying to your current fans if they had to go to the welcome page every time, fortunately Facebook allows people who have already "liked" your page to bypass the welcome and go straight to the wall.
With the welcome page you are able to provide a professional looking image.
This is not a place to scrimp! Remember this is the very first impression people will have of your business be sure that you make the very best impression you can.

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