Florida Health Insurance For New Residents

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In spite of a hurricane every now and then, more people are moving to the state of Florida than to any other destination.
They are coming in droves from the colder northern states to embrace the perpetually mild weather.
There is even a large influx from Europe and Asia to Florida, especially with the anemic US dollar.
While everyone can go to the beach at Christmas and find affordable housing, not everyone is going to qualify for health insurance.
In Florida as in most states, health insurance is medically underwritten.
This means that you have to medically qualify to obtain a policy.
Furthermore, if you are 65 years of age or older, there are no carriers that will write a Florida health insurance policy.
This will no doubt affect anyone looking to retire in Florida from outside the United States.
Florida does not have a state pool for uninsurable residents.
If you meet the income guidelines, you can apply for Medicaid.
Will I Qualify for a Florida Health Insurance Plan? Medical underwriting does not mean that you must be in perfect health.
It does mean the following:
  1. You have seen a physician in the last two years in the United States
  2. If you have been prescribed a medication for a condition, you take that prescription as prescribed and your condition is controlled (i.
    , high blood pressure).
  3. Any tests that have been ordered by a physician have been completed
  4. There are no recommendations for surgery in your medical record
  5. You are not morbidly obese
  6. Preferably, you do not take more than three prescriptions on a daily basis
The above list is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you some general guidelines.
The only way to determine if you qualify is to talk with an agent who is well versed in the underwriting guidelines.
What about Non US Citizens? If you are moving to Florida from abroad, there are additional guidelines.
  1. Depending on the carrier, you must be in the United States at least 6 months.
    Most carriers require a year or more.
  2. You must have your records, in English, with a US physician.
    It is recommended that you have a checkup locally.
  3. You cannot be over the age of 64.
  4. You will need a social security number.
We do get many calls asking about how you can bring your grandmother or parents to the US if they are over 65.
The short answer is that health insurance is not available to them.
Sometimes, international insurance plans will extend coverage beyond 65.

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