Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

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Have you ever wondered why even after doing what you think is right, things never get better? Have you seen that life treats some people very unfairly- the good people? How come the murderers, rapists and robbers always have the last laugh after all is said and done?They live longer, drive better cars and they have all that they ever dreamed of in life.
Actually there lives seem happier.
We serve God, refuse to compromise yet things just get worse and worse.
The world ridicules us for holding on to a faith that seems non existent.
Day in day out, problems surround us.
When you think you have solved one another one comes.
There is no rest in this world.
How I envy those who have died and left this world of problems and heartache.
Is there ever going to be a breakthrough for us? How do you continue holding on to a faith that that seems so far fetched? A believe that seems to exists only in your mind.
When things are so dark, where do you turn for help? What do you do? When all forsake you, where do you turn? When all you have in this world is taken from you, what do you hold on to.
When salvation doesn't give you the answers you have been looking for, what do you do? Do you give up everything and walkway? When God seems so far away and unreal, what do you do? Give up on everything or just hope for a better tomorrow? Is there a better tomorrow anyway?

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