Get legal matters straightened out with Neeson Court Reporting

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Neeson & Associates has housed hundreds of lawyers in the Toronto area and all across Canada. Apart from being one of the most accurate and professional court reporter firms in Canada, the Neeson & Associates building is a common place where lawyers and legal professionals can conduct witness examinations, depositions or arbitration/mediation hearings.

Their office space and conference rooms are spacious enough for mediation or arbitration clients. The conference room rental and boardroom rentals are equipped with all the necessary items needed for a seamless arbitration or deposition process.

Booking a conference room rental or boardroom rental is an easy and brief task on Neeson & Associates' website, They understand the importance of time, especially when it comes to legal proceedings. Having accurate examinations or depositions and efficient arbitrations allow for smoother proceedings and less headaches.

Legal professionals have the option to book a conference room or boardroom rental in their Toronto office via the Neeson & Associates website. There they can specify all the necessary details including the firm name, date of booking, phone number, time frame, number of people attending and more. Online bookings can be made 48 hours in advance to reserve a room rental, and stenographers bookings must also be confirmed by the Neeson & Associates' office.

Neeson & Associates court reporters deal with law firms of all sizes and work with them to provide accurate transcription and captioning services. They offer realtime, rough draft transcription, videography and internet realtime services to give their clients a variety of choice. Neeson & Associates is one of Canada's most respected court reporting firms. Kim Neeson (founder of Neeson & Associates) has an outstanding group of court reporters who are dedicated to getting legal matters straightened out, no matter how technical the case.

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