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How much better would you life be if you could take the actions that you know would make you successful? Would things be different if you had a way to overcome procrastination? For most, the quality of their life increases substantially when they are able to do what they know how to do. It is interesting to note, that the majority of individuals have an idea of what it takes to be a success in any area. However, the failure to act is what stops these people from attaining the level that they desire.

Success in any area of life requires action. Power has been described as "the ability to act". When one is unable to act in specific situations, powerless has set in. Procrastination promotes this result. This single habit destroys more careers, marriages, and self-esteem than any other single trait. In its' infancy, it is a minor irritation. However, when it is allowed to grow deep into our psyche, procrastination has the capability of totally paralyzing one from acting. It subtly becomes a bigger motivator (or demotivator) in our decision making. The words "later" and "tomorrow" are the default mindset.

Procrastination is driven by two factors: laziness and fear. Often, when we have something that is rather quick and not difficult to do, we still put it off. These situations are driven by laziness, We simply do not feel like doing that activity at the moment. A "Just Do It" attitude helps in overcoming this. At the same time, there are things that we put off doing because we fear the results that we will receive. Our projections are negative which cause us to avoid acting. We believe that perhaps if we wait, things will pass by. Of course, this only compounds the issue. Time acts to magnify the circumstances. In these instances, we will act when the fear of the consequence of not doing it is greater than the fear associated with doing it.

A procrastination list is a valuable tool in challenging the habit of procrastination. Regardless of the motivator, it enable us to take action in an orderly manner. A great deal of a procrastinator's problem is in their thinking. By using this list. much of the thought process is removed. We set down all that we are putting off on paper as they come to mind. The order is set without any pre-qualification. Everything is listed regardless of the size of the task. If it is being put off, it is written down.

Once the list is completed, the tasks are handled one-by-one in the sequence listed. There is no jumping around. If it is next on the list, that is what is focused upon. The process of thinking is removed entirely from the equation. Also, it is vitally important to concentrate on one activity until it is fully completed before moving onto something else. Procrastinator's tend to bail out when things get a little difficult. Resist this temptation while finishing the task at hand.

The other technique that is really effective against procrastination is the procrastination partner. This is someone who you decide you will be accountable to for helping with your list. We seem to be able to take action when we have someone else that we are answering to. This is an ideal way to set up those parameters for yourself.

With this resource, we find someone who we can put trust in to have the gumption to honestly push us. If you find someone who will let you be lax, it will not work. Upon sitting with this person, we show them our procrastination list. A schedule is set down as to what actions we will take and when. Regular interaction is required to monitor the progress and report the results. Sometimes people will each establish a list and help each other work on it. The more you can involve the other person in motivating you, the better. It is similar to having a workout partner. The accountability is often enough to get us to act.

Our thinking is what creates the thoughts to put something off. When we remove that process or we are working with someone else who does not carry that same idea, the fear that we conjured up loses its power. This is the starting point to regaining our personal power. Our success increases immediately when we are able to take the proper action. The ability to act is a quality that the highest achievers have.

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