Boyfriend is Acting Strange - Will He Break Up With Me?

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If your boyfriend has been acting strange around you lately, it may indicate that he might break up with you, or it may indicate other things.
If your boyfriend has been acting strange around you here are some things that you need to do.
First of all, communicate with him about this new behavior.
Often times guys do not want to discuss their feelings, so this might be a very difficult conversation to have, however it must be done.
Another thing that you could do is to talk to his friends and see if they know of anything that has been happening with him.
Sometimes it could be related to sports or some other problems that only they are aware of.
But one of the best ways to figure out your boyfriend's strange behavior is to talk to his family.
If you know them then this is much easier.
Its always best to try and talk to his mother since she is probably the most perceptive one.
Remember, whenever to talk to him or his friends don't talk in an accusatory tone.
Approach them like you are genuinely concerned about him and his happiness, and not just for your relationship.
If people see that you are trying to generally help they will share information with you that they otherwise would not.
So its best to not approach your boyfriend demanding to know why he is acting strangely lately.
Also, if possible have this conversation in private so he can feel more comfortable discussing his feelings.

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