Just a Few Ways to Lose Weight and Change Your Life

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1) Most people looking to lose weight want to do so as rapidly as possible.
Although understandable it can lead to unforeseen consequences - specifically it can influence people to crash diet in the hope of losing weight quickly - too quickly.
Crash dieting is not a good option for your health.
The deprivation of vital nutrients can result in your body becoming apathetic and indolent.
From a weight loss perspective crash dieting can quite easily lead to long term problems.
This is because of the reaction your body will take to hold more fat in reserve as a precaution against any future deprivation.
The balance necessary to sustain effective and healthy weight loss is found in reducing calorie intake while increasing the quality intake of good nutritious food.
2) The addiction of sugar from which most of us suffer continues despite repeated warnings from many sources with supermarkets, in particular, offering treats wrapped in attractive packaging and conveying clever marketing techniques.
All of which, of course, anyone committed to losing weight must resist.
Not that you need to totally abstain from these kind of treats, but it is necessary to discipline yourself to choose a lower calorie option.
An example would be a Milky Way which contains less than half the fat of a Mars Bar.
If you are guilty of eating a bar of chocolate each day, it would be advisable to cut this down to a bar, say, twice a week, in order to retain a more healthy eating pattern as you become more accustomed to a changed and more healthy life style 3) In order to complete your radical change of life style, you have to incorporate activity in to your every day routine.
This is not as difficult as many people make out.
A thirty minute walk should not create a great problem.
There are also innumerable exercises you can do at home with all types of equipment you see advertised everywhere.
Forget having to join a gym - its just not necessary.
If you are really committed to losing weight this will present no problem and will be recognised as a great benefit as your weight falls away.
4) You often hear of the benefit of fibre when considering a diet.
Fibre helps to retain the right amount of water in your intestines which makes your system more efficient.
So, just by eating sufficient fibre you could feel fitter.
There is also some evidence to suggest that fibre helps prevent stroke and heart disease and also eases the effects of diabetes whilst assisting weight loss.
You will already know the foods high in fibre.
Cereals are an example with the benefits usually liberally displayed on the packets.
Fruit, veg and nuts are other examples with the added bonus of being high in other nutrients.
5) Drink plenty of water, two litres a day are the recommended amount.
It will not directly help you to lose weight but it does keep you hydrated and can help you to snack less.

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