Work at Home Jobs - The Benefits and Drawbacks

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Working from home has become a pretty popular concept these days.
A lot of people are embracing this philosophy for all the flexibility and advantages that it has to offer.
So let us try and see what the advantages and disadvantages of this concept are.
First let us start with the advantages It's very easy to imagine the plethora of opportunities that work at home jobs offer.
For starters, you can enjoy the comforts of your own home while you earn money.
You need not have to dress up to work on a daily basis and catch the bus or even drive to work.
You save on your transportation costs.
You save on transportation time.
You save on dressing up and trying to look good! The time and money saved overall are enormous.
Coming to what the employer gains, even here it is a win-win situation.
The employer does not need to spend on costly office space.
He does not need to spend on your travel, your benefits, etc.
office space itself is a huge pile of money which can be saved by the employer.
In fact, you should know that sometimes the amount your employer spends on your work area is much more than your entire salary! Work from home jobs also opens up a lot of opportunities for people who might have other wise been unable to work at all.
So what sort of people are benefitting? The first largest segment is the housewives.
Work at home moms are finding a new purpose in life.
Many of them quit well paying jobs just to take care of their little ones.
Now they can do just that and work at their own convenience whenever they want to.
The students are benefitting a lot too.
Most of them might have worked in small stores or fast food chains, but now they get to earn a lot more from the comfort of their homes.
Disabled people find this opportunity a god send.
The lives that were otherwise of no monetary value to others have now been transformed into a part of the economic system.
The most basic thing is the flexibility that work from home offers.
You can set your own schedule.
You can work in your pajamas; you can even work from your bed.
So what are the disadvantages? Well, there are quite a few actually.
It is not all hunky dory.
The money is obviously going to be lesser than an office job.
But it will definitely be sufficient.
Usually it is okay if it is the second job in the family.
But if you start a business from home, then you could even overtake your office salary.
The money flow can be erratic.
Some work from home business models might not have a steady income.
You will have to be prepared for dry weeks.
There is also the fact that work at home opportunities do not offer you job security.
There is no saying how long the business is going to run.
Hence it is not possible to bank on it for a long term.
Lastly, do be aware of scams.
There is no such thing as easy money.
If it's out there, it's most probably a scam.
So make sure you are doubly sure before you waste your time on something.

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