How to Find Information About Companies Looking for New Products

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    Gathering Information

    • 1). Visit the retail chain's local stores. says knowing your product fits with product lines already carried by the retailer is essential. The simplest way to learn about a store is to check it out in person and see if your product is appropriate for their store. Look for products already on the shelves that would compete with yours.

    • 2). Meet with a store manager. Managers can tell you a lot about the chain's policies toward vendors, and whether individual stores have the option to purchase local products. Ask if they have a local-vendor program that allows individual managers to contract for products made locally.

    • 3). Visit the chain's website. Many of the large chain retailers post information about what they require from new vendors. Read the details carefully, because you're going to have to play by their rules if you want to play with them at all. If the terms aren't something you can accept, move on.

    • 4). Meet with a buyer for the chain. If you're looking to sell nationwide, you'll need to pitch to someone above the local level. If the local managers can't tell you who to talk to, search the corporate website or go to financial-reporting sites such as, which list corporate executives.


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