How to Create Multiple Storefronts on Your Website

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    • 1). Download storefront software, free versions of which are available online. Zen Cart and Avactis both offer free shopping cart software. If you want personalized support, you might have to purchase a version that offers such services as phone, email and chat support.

    • 2). Create multiple subdomains for each of your stores. Go to the control panel and add the subdomains. Give each a name that will help drive customers to that particular store when they search for products. If your web address is, for example, and you sell widgets, you could use as the subdomain for that particular store.

    • 3). Skip this step if you have the ability to upload files to your website from your web-hosting control panel. Otherwise, proceed.

      Obtain an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. You will use this to upload the store software to your website. Filezilla and SmartFTP are among free FTP clients.

    • 4). Upload and install the storefront software to each of your subdomains. Installing storefront software can take up to half an hour per installation, so give yourself plenty of time if you are installing multiple storefronts.

    • 5). Create links to each of your stores on the main page of your website. If you are running WordPress, you can simply enter the URL for each of the subdomains under the "Links" section. If you have a static website--one coded in basic HTML-- you can create the links using simple HTML or a template. Make the links stand out so that visitors to your site's home page can find the stores.


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