Book Review on Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

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Looking for someone hardworking, who can interrupt families in the middle of dinner, businesses in the middle of important meetings, and stop TV shows for the 30 seconds every 15 minutes.
The ability to be completely ignorant of hurting people's feelings, and the ability to create crazy commercials that destroy family values and a hard work ethic are a plus.
Would you have ever joined a company that provided that as their draw? Yet, millions of people make their living from cold calling every year.
I know, since I used to live among the cold calling professionals.
However, I gave up that life a few months ago for good.
It hit me one day that I could not possibly get the same quality of business from cold calls as I could get from more warmer markets.
This is where Seth Godin's Permission Marketing comes in.
You are looking for interested parties in your products, not resistant buyers who will fight you at every turn.
Permission marketing is the idea that you find people interested in your product and get them on your list, so you can maintain a relationship with them.
Here is how it works.
First, when you set up your website include a opt-in web form from a company like AWeber or IContact.
Second, provide an incentive for people to sign up on your list.
Give them a freebie, such as an eBook or one of your services.
Third, when they sign up send them an introduction email, and make sure that you have permission to continue to sending them emails (AWeber and IContact will do this automatically, but make sure to customize that first email).
Now, this is the great part.
This is a list of people interested in your product, so make sure to send them regular emails updating them about different product launches, information relating to your product, and relationship building messages.
Build your personal brand around these emails, as you send emails out that will grow your business.
A database in today's age is huge.
Make sure that you build one that reflects your prospects and also your business partners.
The more that you use permission marketing in your business, the more you will be able to succeed.
It is amazing to see someone you do not know sign up for your list and then convert them into a customer.

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