Why Am I Not Losing Weight? - Find Out Why Here

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Are wondering why am I not losing weight? Perhaps you were on a diet that seemed to work for a little while but you have hit a plateau.
Weight loss is simply not happening as quickly as you would like.
Well this is actually a pretty common problem.
Let's examine exactly why.
First off if you have lost a ton of weight (30-40 pounds or more), then you cannot expect to lose weight at the same rate if you are slimming down.
Your body is storing less fat than before and there simply is not as much weight to lose.
But if you still have excess body fat and you are simply not burning fat anymore then the problem could be something else.
It really depends on your current diet or fitness plan.
If you have been relying on short term gimmicks like starvation or diet pills then understand those have only a short shelf life for weight loss.
Why am I not losing weight - Diet? For those who are dieting through healthy means then you need to re-check what exactly you are eating.
Make sure you are consuming 4-6 small well balanced meals everyday.
By well balanced I mean they contain veggies, protein, fruit, and complex carbohydrates.
More importantly you may need to cut out any sugar, starchy carbs, and high fat foods that you may be consuming.
Why am I not losing weight - Exercise? If your diet is spot on and you are not eating too many "cheat meals" then you may need to up your exercise regimen.
If you have not been exercising at all then I recommend some light to moderate jogging, stretching, and yoga.
For those of you already exercising, you may need to increase your intensity.
Fast paced aerobics, sprinting, and weight training will do the trick.
For a free report on some fat loss secrets that can help you bust through that weight loss plateau check out the link below.
It can be a lot easier than you think!

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