SEO Competition Analysis - How it Works

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To find profitable keywords you need to select search phrases with high search volume and low competition.
What is low competition for a keyword or search phrase is not well defined.
It is not so easy to find reasons why particular website ranks very high.
In general, there are some parameters that have significant influence on ranking and from those parameters it is, at least in theory, possible to conclude or estimate the strength of competing site.
The most important parameters that indicate reputation and popularity of a web page are its PageRank, the number of links to it, presence of keyword in page title, description, meta tags and url, presence in DMOZ or Yahoo directories and the number of backlinks from gov or edu domains.
To get all those parameters for one single page is a very time consuming task.
The situation gets even worse when you would like to check more pages.
Fortunately, there are special tools that can do such analysis in few seconds.
Every SEO software uses its own approach to analyze competing pages.
Some calculate a magic number proportional to the strength of competition while others only display facts and the decision is left to the user.
This approach takes more time and needs more experience but eliminates any possibility for wrong decision.
The software automatically retrieves relevant parameters for top pages from the search result for a given keyword.
The result is displayed in a form of table with colors indicating the strength of the specific parameter where green means weak competition.
There is no simple rule to determine what those parameters mean.
The evaluation of the strength of competition is not an easy task.
You need to examine all the parameters from this table or matrix and check if there is any possibility to at least hope for high ranking of your page with this keyword.
This process is especially difficult for beginners.
They have very little knowledge or experience on how important is the PageRank, what is the effect of on-page optimizations or what is telling us the domain age.
With some time you will get basic feeling needed to determine how strong the competition for particular keyword is.
In general, it is much better to have a clear picture of the top ranking pages then just a single number.
While one simple number means simple comparison and decision for the user it also means much higher risk for wrong decision.
There are many parameters that determine how strong the competition for a particular keyword is.
This can not be converted into single number.
This is where tools which provide complete analysis outperform competitive products.
The SEO matrix provides all the data and it is up to you to evaluate those parameters and decide if this keyword is worth serious consideration or not.

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