Hemorrhoids Cure - Nurturing a Painful Situation

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A hemorrhoid can be a very embarrassing event in a person's life.
It is a sore, agitated swelling in a sensitive, private area that we can't even see.
Not that we'd want to, really.
Having a hemorrhoid makes us feel vulnerable and embarrassed.
But don't worry, hemorrhoids tend to go away on their own after about a week of discomfort and caring for yourself.
There is not a hemorrhoids "cure".
There are certain things you can do to avoid getting them like eating a fibrous diet to avoid constipation and therefore straining to have bowel movements, not sitting or standing for long periods of time (this increases pressure on the anus blood vessels), and getting plenty of exercise.
However, some people can do all the right things but have a hereditary predisposition to getting hemorrhoids.
When you do get a hemorrhoid it is important to keep the area clean by using moistened wipes instead of rough toilet paper.
Rough rubbing can cause the hemorrhoid to bleed if it is external.
If you have internal hemorrhoids, they can still bleed, however since they are inside your anus you can't irritate them with toilet paper.
Internal hemorrhoids will still itch and burn like crazy so just because you can't feel a lump on the outside of your skin doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of it.
If the pain is unbearable or you are bleeding a lot or the hemorrhoid doesn't go away in a week you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.
The best hemorrhoids cure is to stay fit and healthy to avoid them and if you do get them already taking these wellness measures will make it all the easier for you to nurture yourself back to being pain free.

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