Commitment List Versus Wish List

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Do you want to lose weight? Do you want a different way of life that includes losing weight, feeling good in your body, wearing a smaller size, and have strong sense of confidence in yourself? You can have it.
It is yours to make happen.
All you need to do is make a commitment to the most important person in your life - YOU! To reach any goal worth having, you need to be committed.
To lose weight requires persistence and consistency.
It requires saying no to food choices when sometimes you'd rather indulge.
It requires a commitment to your diet and along with a promise to yourself.
If you had a friend that constantly made promises to you yet regularly broke them, what would you think of that friend? Would you want that person in your life? Would you trust that person? When you don't come through on your diet and regularly succumb to poor food choices, you let yourself down by a broken promise.
Keep the promise of following your diet more days than you don't.
A wishy-washy diet is nothing more than a wish.
To lose weight and follow through on your promise to yourself is commitment.
A commitment is the sincere and steadfast movement toward a purpose.
To be committed is to bind yourself to a course of action.
When you want to lose weight, your purpose is to follow your diet, exercise regularly and adhere to healthy habits that you've adopted for yourself.
You bind yourself to a healthy course of action by making healthy food choices (even when you don't want to), exercise, being more active and incorporating movement into your day (again, even when you don't want to).
By each of these acts, you re-enforce your commitment to yourself to lose weight and confirm the promise you make to yourself.
Wishing for something to happen is passive.
Making a wish is stagnant and doesn't require any real action from you.
It is similar to hoping lightening strikes and drops losing weight in your life overnight.
Wishing is throwing a penny into a pool of water, shut your eyes and make a wish.
Wishes are fun but wishes won't make something happen as your reality.
Commitment is all about action.
You can't be committed without taking action.
You can't stand still as you want to make your commitment a reality.
You want to make that commitment happen.
Commitment is inside you, inside your heart.
You want your commitment to evolve to fruition in your life.
You fulfill a commitment to a cause that you feel strongly about.
Take action from being committed and lose weight - move forward, full speed ahead.
Your commitment to lose weight and the promise to yourself is renewable every day.

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