Only You Can Treat Anxiety Disorder, Others Can Only Provide Help

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Panic attack can be as frightening as it can be frustrating and only a sufferer knows how bad it is.
However, you must understand that panic attacks just seem life threatening; there is no real threat involved.
You may feel you are dying or losing control over your mind; you neither will die nor will become mad.
It has been simply a learning process in the subconscious mind.
You have to unlearn it now.
You have been hypnotized into thinking that you are in danger; all you need to do is to dehypnotize yourself.
Others cannot learn or unlearn for you.
They can simply help.
You have to do it yourself.
Psychiatrists can provide the best panic attacks help.
If you are not aware, panic attack is a sign of panic disorder, which is actually a medical condition that falls under the ambit of anxiety disorder.
That is, anxiety disorder is the bigger umbrella that includes different pathological fears and phobias and panic disorder is just one of them.
When panic attacks begin to recur very frequently, each leaving the patient more and more traumatized and in persistent fear of another such attack, we call it panic disorder.
During a panic or anxiety attack, who do you think is the closest to help you fight the mental condition? The answer is you.
Yes, you are the first person to realize that you are having a panic attack and you can help yourself when there is no one around.
You will have to learn some simple breathing techniques to help you cope with the panic or anxiety attack.
So, where do you get to learn these breathing exercises? How will you know that they actually work? Well, you will have to try these breathing exercises to believe in them.
Unless your attacks are very mild, you will need to treat anxiety disorder systematically.
Mere exercises will not really help.
All kinds of anxiety disorder, panic disorders in particular can improve if the patient is put under psychotherapy.
Two distinct branches of psychotherapy are generally used to treat panic disorder.
One emphasizes on your thought process and your behavioral process.
This is called cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.
It modifies our thought to control our behavior.
Other is panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy.
It probes deep inside our subconscious and tries to find out what actually triggers the attacks.
When such triggers are brought to light, they gradually become week and soon become totally non-functioning.
However, the online forums or the therapist can help you only you are willing to receive the help.
If you do not want to be helped, nothing can really help you.
One prefers to control your behavior by modifying your thoughts.
You are actively involved in your recovery, taught to master your thought process and to identify as well as modify your behavioral pattern.
Such a therapy is actually a combination of two therapies, the cognitive (relating to thoughts) therapy and behavioral therapy and hence is called cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.
The other is Freud's panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy.
Here the therapist goes deep into your subconscious mind to identify the dysfunctional defense mechanism and to bring into light.
The rest is taken care of by your all-powerful mind itself.
If your child has panic disorder, the doctor may give very mild versions of the sedatives.
The medications for panic disorder need to be taken on a daily basis by your child.
There are some medications for panic disorder that need to be taken once in a day and there are some medications for panic disorder that need to be taken twice in a day.
Most of the medications for panic disorder are in the tablet forms.
If the case is severe, the doctor may even give you or your child the sedative injections..
An active life style also helps in controlling the anxiety disorder.
Go out, and meet people.
Fear of another attack should not keep you indoors.
Make sure that you do not develop social phobia or agoraphobia.
Many panic disorder patients do.
Remember, your panic disorder is just a medical condition and it should not embarrass you in any way.
Treat your panic disorder as an ailment, which it really is.

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