Know What You Are Signing - Let Us Talk About Real Estate Paperwork

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Many real estate consultants and real estate agents will go out of their way to explain each item in the paperwork that people are signing when they buy, list, or sell property.
It is very crucial that they do know what they are signing - you need to know.
One REALTOR that we interviewed explained the process that she uses to make sure that she covers all the bases with her clients regarding the paperwork that they are signing.
Her routine is thorough and detailed.
Wow, now that is a terrific and wonderful way to do it - I know what she means when she says that people practically closing their eyes, while going over the paper work.
That is too bad, but its true.
Of course, the regulators make more rules, the lawyers file more court suits and the pages just increase in all the agreements.
It is daunting for many homebuyers and yet they are signing their lives away in many cases.
In this case, her professionalism protects her clients and to me this is a very good example of the right way to things.
Her methodology is smart and a real solution, thus, she is serving her clients well, way to go, we need more like that.
Another very sincere and professional real estate professional has stated that:
Everyone should certainly know exactly what they are signing.
I have had clients who almost close their eyes and sign on the line and others who I have sat with and gone over a 30 page contract, line by line.
I almost prefer going over all the details, because it helps me review exactly what is going on too.
Terms on important! For my clients, I also take the time to make out a calendar with all the deadlines through the process.
Reading over 30 pages of a contract to find out how long you have to get in an application for financing is time consuming.
This way, they have all the details in the agreement and a nice calendar on top to make it easier to find out what's going on.
To all consumers, please read the agreements and/or ask questions of a professional, if there is something you do not understand, because down the road this could prove to be quite critical and important.
Buying a home can be the largest investments you ever make, so know what you are signing and treat the process with respect.
Something to contemplate in 2008.

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