Craft Beer Review: Pale Ale - Bronx Brewery

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The Bronx Brewery is located in the Port Morrix section of the South Bronx, New York City, founded in 2011. While many of the more recent East Coast craft beer operations have focused on testing innovative new styles and flavors, The Bronx Brewery has focused on delivering well-crafted classic American ales, starting with their flagship Pale Ale.

Since its founding, The Bronx Brewery had been brewing their beers from the Connecticut Cottrell Brewing Co.

, only opening their first owned and operated brewery in April, 2013 in Port Morris, the Bronx, NY. Since opening their own brewing facility, they have expanded into brewing three more styles offered year round: a Belgian Pale Ale, an India Pale Ale, and a Rye Pale AleThe Bronx Brewery has also expanded into canning their beers, increasing their distribution within the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region.

The Brewery opened its doors to the public in September, 2014, where a small bar makes Bronx Brewery ales available on tap and an outdoor sitting area will be opened by 2015.

Bronx Pale Ale

Style:American Pale Ale
Serving Temp:46-54°F

As a standard American Pale Ale, this beer doesn't aim for novelty or surprise but would rather score high as an excellently executed standard American craft beer. Bronx Pale Ale pours a deep amber and has a generous head with medium fine bubbles that dissipate relatively slowly. The aroma is not as hop forward as other American Pale Ales but sits a little bit closer to British IPAs in hop aroma relative to malt content, though the malt content is noticeably greater than in most British ales.

There is a noticeable fruitiness to the aroma, met with clean biscuit malt notes and a touch of funkiness from the hops.

The grain bill is a mix of American, British, and German malts, but the overall flavor is predominantly British, malty and not as bitter as American Pale Ales but hop flavors develop as the initial slightly sweet and nutty flavors of multi-grain bread, caramel, and light stone fruit give way.

Bronx Pale Ale is a relatively sessionable beer and has a soft mouthfeel without too much carbonation, is full flavored but unchallenging. Again, the malt flavor lingers in the finish but is clean and doesn't linger for long. Overall, Bronx Pale Ale is a great first beer for The Bronx Brewery who have expanded to iterations of the style, purposely not falling too far from the path.

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