How to Sense the Presence of Ghosts

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    • 1). Sense your ghost using intuition. When you are alone in your house, slowly and quietly walk into each room. See if you feel a change in temperature or feel as if there is someone in the room with you. The presence of a ghost can also cause instant mood changes, such as if you are feeling happy then in a split-second feel sad or angry.

    • 2). Hold a séance. Invite a group of people who are open-minded and not skeptical. Light a couple of candles around the room and turn off the lights. Have everyone sit in chairs in a circle and hold hands. State aloud that you are trying to get into contact with a ghost. Have everyone close their eyes for 20 to 30 minutes and reflect on the process silently. When the time is up, talk about the experience and visions you saw when your eyes were closed. If multiple people shared the same vision, you may have been contacted by a ghost or spirit.

    • 3). Use a Ouija board. Ouija boards have letters and numbers printed on them. One or more people place their hands on a planchette, a heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic. Ask questions to the ghost aloud and wait for the planchette to move. Have someone write down the letters in which the planchette moves to see if any words are spelled out.

    • 4). Turn on a voice recorder with a tape in the area you think is haunted and leave the room. When the tape runs out of space, rewind it and listen to the tape at a high volume. Try again while playing the tape at a higher speed. According to Audiolux, you may hear the voice of the ghost amiss the white noise the tape has recorded. This is called electronic voice phenomena, or EVP.

    • 5). Set up an infrared camera. Infrared cameras can detect light that is not visible to human eyes. Allow the camera to record at night to see if it picks up any movements of light. The Long Island Paranormal Investigators state that infrared cameras can pick up images of ghosts using the entire light spectrum.


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