Do I Really Deserve to Be Happy?

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This seems like a very easy question to answer but for many people it's not.
There are many people who think that they do not deserve to be happy.
This could be because they feel guilty of something that they did in their life and they think that this is part of some type of punishment.
Or some people were abused in their life and they believe that nothing good could ever happen to them.
Whatever the reason this type of thinking is very dangerous not only to themselves but also other people.
Many people who attempted suicide felt that they did not deserve to be happy and felt that their life was hopeless do you see how very dangerous feeling this way can be.
Also it can lead to a cycle of  abuse or violence.
If you do not believe that you deserve to be happy then you may also believe that no one else does either.
The first thing you must do in order to break this cycle is try to figure out why you feel this way.
This may be very difficult because it may require you to think about a very painful time in your life which subconsciously may have lead to your feeling of despair.
Next you must realize that you deserve to be HAPPY.
So how do I do that you ask? First you must realize that your happiness cannot be dependent upon your current situation or the people in your life.
You have to first be happy with yourself.
I can write about this because I have been where you may be right now.
I was very unhappy and just existing and not living.
I knew that there is much more to my life than what I was currently living.
But I did not find my purpose and true happiness until I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.
He began to give me direction and reason for living which is not for myself but for him.
You deserve to be happy

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