How to Install MS XP OS in a Dell C610

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    • 1). Insert the Windows disc into the optical drive, and restart the computer.

    • 2). When prompted, press a key to boot from the Windows CD. Wait as Windows setup loads.

    • 3). Press "Enter" to begin the setup, then "F8" to accept the terms and conditions. On the next screen, press "Escape" to skip the option to run a repair install (if offered).

    • 4). Delete any partitions on the drive when presented with the partition list by pressing "D" to delete and "L" to confirm. If you are deleting the system partition (the partition that has Windows on it), press "D" to delete it, then "Enter" to confirm, then "L" to confirm again.

    • 5). Press "C" to create a new partition when the only option is "Unpartitioned space," then press "Enter" to accept the default size of the partition. Press "Enter" again to install Windows on the new partition.

    • 6). Choose to format the partition using the NTFS file system. Choose the "(Quick)" option if presented with it. Wait for Windows to save the installation files to the hard drive and reboot.

    • 7). Don't press any keys when prompted this time. Wait for the Windows installation to continue. Provide region and language information when asked, then click "Next."

    • 8). Fill in your name and organization, and click "Next." Type in the product key if asked, then click "Next" again.

    • 9). Provide a computer name and administrator password. This is an optional step; skip it if you wish. Otherwise, input the information, and click "Next."

    • 10

      Adjust the timezone, time and date as appropriate, and click "Next."

    • 11

      Choose the default if prompted for network or modem settings, and click "Next." If asked for "Workgroup" settings, again, don't change the default, but instead click "Next."

    • 12

      Wait for Windows to finish installing and then reboot. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize installation, which is complete when you reach the desktop.


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