Health Insurance For Singles

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Single people's health insurance is a must.
After all, as a single person, you only have your own income to rely on.
If an unfortunate accident happens to you, you don't really have another person's income to help you with your medical needs.
In any event, singles should have insurance coverage.
Health coverage is a must.
Also, another important coverage is coverage that assures less problems when accidents occur, like disability insurance.
Employed people usually have group health and disability coverage through their employers.
This may be good, you think, but most coverage is only short term types that cover you for two years, at most.
There are also those which offer long-term coverage that involves a waiting period of up to three months.
If you're not sure what coverage your employee provides for you as a single person, you need to check your manual or coordinate with your office's human resources department.
Moreover, you may be frustrated at times as the HMOs and insurances that your employer provides are quite limited.
So, it is best for you to shop around and see the best coverage offered by insurance companies.
Of course, different kinds of insurance coverage come in different sizes and costs.
Aside from the best coverage in terms of giving you the best protection, your budget should also be a consideration.
A number of policies may be too steep for you.
You should ask an insurance agent to assist you in determining what kind of single health insurance a person like you need and at what cost.

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