How to Get a Six Pack in a Day - Can it Be Done?

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Is it possible to get a six pack in a day? No it's not.
While it is possible to achieve this look very fast...
24 hours is simply out of reach.
But having said that, you can get serious results in 14-30 days.
Here's are 2 guidelines to follow: #1) Watch your diet This might be even more important than exercise.
Remember this point GOOD-WHAT you eat is far more important than HOW MUCH.
Most people spend endless amounts of time counting nutrition amounts without even considering WHERE they are getting their nutrition from.
Eating quality foods-even if you get the exact amounts wrong-is how to get a six pack FAST.
It's FAR more important than getting the amount right but eating pure crap.
What foods should you avoid? ALL processed foods, bread, pasta, grains, and cereal.
Instead focus on replacing those foods with fruits and vegetables.
This will give you a lot more energy which will definitely help when it comes time to workout.
#2) Consume more water Why is this so important for fat loss? Simply because it is an excellent body detoxifier...
and it helps your body cleanse itself, which is paramount for fat loss.
So while you've probably never thought of drinking as important for getting ripped, it plays a MAJOR ROLE.
And like fruit, water will give you much more energy for the workout.
#3) Increase your reps and sets Why? Because this will help increase your time under load (TUL), which is probably the single most important workout measurement in terms of muscle gaining.
The more TUL you get, the more ripped you will become.
So you can't get a six pack in a day-but when you follow the above diet advice-combined with a sound exercise program-you will see results FAST.

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