QuarkXpress 8 Training

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    • An array of websites offer training for QuarkXPress 8, including downloadable materials to assist the process. That includes the manufacturer's official website which offers training files and step-by-step instructions on how to use the program.


    • Some companies offer CDs or DVDs providing QuarkXPress 8 training from experts. These types of training CDs can be viewed on your computer (or your television DVD player).


    • Many companies that use QuarkXPress 8 give employees the opportunity to be trained on the job. In this instance, employees are given hands-on instruction -- either in a group setting or on an individual basis by a more experienced co-worker or supervisor.


    • Training for QuarkXPress 8 covers a wide variety of topics, from various keyboard combinations offering shortcuts (as opposed to using the computer mouse) to what constitutes a good page layout. Training can last anywhere from several days to a couple of months, and while it doesn't result in certification, can mean advancement for those who have mastered the program.


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