Combating Obesity on the Front Lines

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Many people are unaware of the problems that obesity can result in.
It is high time to understand the effects of obesity on a person's health.
Obesity can have some direct effects on health and some indirect effects as well.
Obesity is becoming a major health concern issue the world over.
The direct effects of obesity on the health of the person are: - Diabetes - Hypertension - Cardiac problem - Other health risks such as debilitating health Whereas the indirect effects of obesity are - Diminishing of day to day activities - Reduced quality of health - Increase in the personal expenses - Reduced social life A person is considered obese when his body mass index exceeds beyond the permissible limit.
The body mass index is the ration of height and weight and the permissible limit is between 18.
5 and 24.
A person whose BMI is more than this is considered as obese.
Obesity induces many health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, some types of cancer.
Among the younger people, the fertility of the person also gets affected by obesity.
Obesity is associated with many more health risks including mortality.
The life span of the person also gets affected if the person is obese.
Once obesity sets in, it results in reduced physical activity, which in turn increases the weight.
This becomes a vicious circle, escaping from which becomes difficult.
A person accumulates weight when his intake of calories and output of calories are not proportional.
To reduce weight two methods can be adopted, one is decreasing the intake of calories and the other is increasing the output of calories.
The present day lifestyle does not favor increasing the output of calories or burning more calories.
So the only option left is reducing the intake of calories.
This combined with little exercise can help a person get rid of his excess pounds.
Staying slim may be required for medical reasons also and under many circumstances the physician may ask to reduce the weight.
It is also essential for cosmetic reasons.
A healthy person can reduce the weight by a combination of healthy diet and exercise.
IN case of persons with pre-existing medical conditions, the advise of a physician and dietician should be obtained before making any attempt to reduce weight.
The diet should be formulated considering the other medical conditions, medications being taken by the patient and exercise should be planned accordingly.
A fitness expert can also guide through the fitness regimen after assessing the age, other health conditions and the quantum of pounds that needs to be reduced.

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