What You Could Look For in Kit Car Coverage

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If you have a Kit car then as you already know it will probably be one on its own.
You could have added many custom parts to the car and these could all add up to quite an expense.
Therefore when looking for Kit car cover you should ensure that your policy would protect your car against all eventualities and for the correct amount.
If you do not have the right type of insurance then you could lose out on a great deal of money if the worst should happen and your car was severely damaged or even destroyed.
When taking out Kit car cover you will be insured for all the standard things that a normal car insurance policy covers.
However there are also many other features that you would need for the type of car that you have.
For insurance Kit car insurance should come with what are called agreed values.
This means that you have someone value your car and then you have insurance for this amount.
In the worst case if your car was then written off you would get its true worth.
As you are able to tailor your Kit car to your exact needs having agreed values should be considered essential.
Also check to find out if you would have salvage retention rights.
If you have and your car was written off then you could claim back some of the expensive undamaged parts from the wreck of the car.
However if the insurance provider thought the car was too badly damaged then you would have to waiver these rights.
As you will be building up your car little by little it is also essential that your Kit car insurance protects you at all stages.
Any parts that you have already added to the car and the frame of the car itself should be insured while in your garage.
Also any parts that are stored in the garage should be protected.
Parts that you have ordered should also be protected while they are in transit in case they were to get lost or become stolen during transport.
  There could however be limits on the policy so these would have to be checked before you go taking out the cover.
There could also be some exclusions and again these could vary depending on the provider with some adding in more than others.
If you intend showing your Kit car or entering rallies then you would have to have liability cover.
All event organisers ask that you are covered in case one of the spectators at the show or rally was to get hurt through your fault.
You should also find out if you were insured for accidental damage that might occur through leaving your car on show.
If not then you could have to pay out for any damage out of your own pocket and this could work out to be very expensive.
Again you would need to find out what limits there were on accidental damage, if any before taking on the Kit car cover.

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