7 Tips for Baby Halloween Costume Safety

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Baby Halloween costumes are nothing short of fun and adorable. But just because we love to dress up our little ones, it doesn't mean they enjoy it all that much. When you are going to suit your baby up in a Halloween costume, there are 7 things to remember to keep them both safe and comfortable.

Check for Loose Threads, Snaps or Buttons

Just like you would check over baby clothes or baby sleepwear, it's important to do a thorough once-over of your baby Halloween costume as well.

Tighten any loose buttons or snaps, check all zippers and if there is Velcro under a chin strap, be sure it's plenty sticky (since babies love to pull on those chin straps, and if teething, will immediately put it in their mouth) and reinforce as necessary.

Think About the Weather and the Location

If you'll be trick-or-treating outdoors, be sure to buy the costume big enough that you can layer long-underwear, pajamas or other insulating clothes underneath it (particularly if you live in the northern part of the country). If you'll be gathering treats indoors or live somewhere warm, make sure the costume is not made of too heavy a material and consider short-sleeves if at all possible.

How's the Visibility?

If you have a child that's walking, visibility in the costume is key. If there is a hood or hat involved, try it on and just make sure they can walk without tripping and can see all the way around.

Make Sure the Baby Costume is Fire Retardant

While much has been made of the safety around fire retardant baby sleepwear, there is no negotiating on a baby costume.

There are still houses around the country that put candles in pumpkins and if your baby or toddler is wearing a costume that has skirting or any loose material, it could easily catch fire.

When in Doubt, Add a Little Reflective Tape

Again, this is geared toward those babies that are walking. A little reflective tape on the back of a costume can do wonders for visibility during those twilight and evening hours. And add it even if you'll be carrying flashlights - you can never be too careful.

Be Sure Buntings Fit Well

A snuggly bunting infant costume can be tempting and cozy, but be sure that it fits properly to avoid any of the material bunching in front of your baby's mouth and nose.

Skip the Mask

I haven't seen many baby costumes this year that involve a mask, but if you come across one, just skip it. Or, buy the costume and don't use the mask. Babies tend to get annoyed with anything near their face and having something so close to their nose and mouth just isn't safe.

Avoid Itchy Fabrics

Itchy fabrics are no fun and if you choose a costume that is made with less-than-comfortable material, your baby will remind you of it all night long; velour, fleece and cotton costumes are all great choices.

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