List of Windows File Management Utilities

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    • Computer file management can make devices efficient.Karteikartenbox image by Ideenkoch from

      File management is an important operation in any computer. It keeps track of where a file is, its size, and when modifications occurred. File management can present options for hard-drive operations. A hard drive can be properly organized, and backup operations performed based on information about the structure of the files and folders. File management is about presenting files and folders in a way that keeps the computer running efficiently.


    • Xplorer2 offers file management features that look like Windows Explorer.panneau recyclage image by dead_account from

      Xplorer2 is a file and information manager that integrates the best features of Windows' shell architecture, which is responsible for the Explorer program manager. It is a small, resource efficient package that it has an intuitive look and feel about its operations.

      For example, users can access more than one folder at a time by using tabs and dual panes. Sorting and copying files is easy. Users can navigate folders quickly using favorites, and have access to root folders, a tree structure and a bookmark pane with drop-box. Users can save and restore folder groups whenever operations deem it necessary. Users can download the file for a free 21-day trial.

    Magellan Explorer

    • Magellan offers more extensive file management capabilities than Windows Explorer.ordner image by J??rg Stumpf from

      Magellan Explorer is an advanced Windows file manager based on the dual windowpane concept. It can also act as a Windows Explorer replacement with a tree view on the left. A combination of both also is available.

      Magellan has all the basic file management features found in Windows Explorer but it also contains a built-in FTP client and an archive manager (packer). Users can perform file transfers and archives through the manager. File compressions from the major file compression formats are supported including ZIP, RAR and ACE to UNIX formats such as TAR and GZip. There is a web browser-like folder for favorites and history.

    Powerdesk Pro

    • Powerdesk Pro has an extensive set of file management tools.Bookshelf4 image by Tomasz Nowicki from

      Another file manager program, Power Desk Pro, has many features that make file management easy and powerful. There are six tools in the program that are useful.

      These include FTP where users can view FTP (file transfer protocol) sites as though they were ordinary folders. They can transfer files across the LAN or Internet. Sync Manager allows users to compare and synchronize the contents of two folders. Size Manager shows how much and where the hard-drive space is. Dialog Helper opens dialog boxes with a selection list from previously opened files and folders. Archive Manager lets users compress and expand files from over 30 popular compression formats. File Finder lets users locate forgotten files with a search engine type tool.


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