Article Writing - A Basic Checklist To Avoid Rejection By Article Directories

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Do you like to write? If you do, article writing presents you with an opportunity to write and it also gives you an opportunity to promote your products and services effectively.
Article marketing may be one of the earliest forms of Internet marketing, but it is still one of the most effective ways to improve website traffic.
But before you start submitting your articles to article directories there are some basic guidelines you would be wise to follow.
This could save you a lot of time and frustration.
Write good, basic English Apart from the fact this makes your writing intelligible, it also removes one of the main obstacles to getting an article accepted by the leading directories.
These directories have spent some time building a reputation for quality and they are not going to undermine this by accepting poor quality work.
They have a huge number of articles submitted to them on a regular basis and can easily reject the ones that do not meet their standards.
Read and re-read your work before it leaves your desk Check and re-check your article.
You can still miss things, but you will pick up most errors.
To help you do this, directories have a review page where you can see how your published article will look and where you can polish your article before you submit it.
There is no excuse these days because there are a number of free tools you can use to check your spelling and grammar.
This makes you consider if there is a better, clearer way of writing a particular phrase or sentence or a better word to use.
Write to inform and educate I know you want to attract a multitude of people to your blog or website by telling them how good your offer is, but you do not do it in your article.
Your article should inform and educate.
It may be you have some knowledge or experience in your field that will help your readers.
These could be of real value to them.
If you give good value, your readers will want to hear more from you.
They will come to see you as an expert in your field and they are more likely to visit your blog or website.
Read the rules of the directory Most directories have guidelines on their websites.
These will relate to such things as the length of articles, prohibited content and promotional activity, among other things.
They simply tell you what the directory will and won't accept.
Do your homework and save yourself a lot of grief.
For example, you submit a 500-word article to a directory that has a minimum of 600 words and you get a rejection.
This can be frustrating and annoying, and it could have been avoided.
Putting that little extra effort into your article writing will pay off.
It will improve your finished product and it will get you published more often.
In the main, if you write an informative article in good English that fits a directory's guidelines, you will get published.
This will bring more visitors to your website, which was why you wrote the article in the first place.
So, get writing.
You might be surprised how good you get at it and how much it improves your website traffic.

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