Why is My Office So Unhappy?

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I have witnessed companies that have major problems with their office moral.
These are the smaller businesses that have great teachers, speakers, inventors, and services, but they do not have any idea how to run an office and how to hire the people they need to run it smoothly.
They are un-realistic in how that department is done and how it works.
I would like to explain a little more to those owners how to hire and respect the position they hold along with their employees positions.
Are you a great speaker, teacher, software developer, inventor? Do you have employees? Do you have someone that understands the working of your office? Do you have an IT person? Do you have a marketing person? Do you have an accounting department? Are you in the 21st Century? You are asking why she is asking such silly questions.
Do you hire a plumber to build your home? I have seen people put into positions that they do not belong in.
When you go to hire a person to look over the whole office they need to know more about the different fields that each department does and be able to converse and delegate the work needed for that department.
That person needs to be honest with you and not just be a yes sir person, when issues come up and you are in the wrong that manager needs to be able to tell you, you are wrong and how it can be worked out without you going off in a tangent.
Some offices are very afraid to come into the 21st Century.
Owners do not be afraid! This is why you hire people that know how to do the job.
Your office manager should be savvy enough to get the right people in there.
IT department is now one of the most important areas in the office spectrum.
IT backs up all the information from all the departments, they network the departments, they make sure your email gets to you with no viruses; they maintain the web site and data base.
I once had someone tell me that I was too far advanced and should be in the year 2010.
Well I am over 50 and that person told me that was in their 40s.
What is going on here? Companies really need to start focusing on the internet and the newest technology so they do not lose their information and they can reach more people for more sales and clients.
You need to look at how efficient the office is and the programs they run.
Does that person know how to run Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Email, Instant message in the office different departments, use an online calendar that the whole office can see? Do they know how to run the phone system, copier, fax machine, duplicator, and any of the other office equipment? You need people that can expand and learn these types of programs and equipment, if you let someone stay that does not know, you will be hurting your business.
Do not hire this person to be your office manager! I have seen this, that is fine to have a kind heart but your pocket book is going to go quickly.
I see companies trying to cross train their people so the IT person knows accounting, and the sales person knows the shipping department job.
This is a laughable scene! I know of IT people being asked to write emails and articles for a certain company and they have no clue what to do.
They write technical, not emails for promotions.
That is a marketing department not an IT department job.
You can hire a floater if you need to cross train for some areas that need someone to help.
Do not expect the IT department to come in and fix everything and make a project by the next day.
Be realistic.
IT people strive on pressure but you do not want them postal.
When they tell you they can get it done with in a specific time give them an extra couple of days to work out the kinks.
Do not expect them to have it perfect all at once.
The accounting department needs control, you hired them, and they should know what needs to be done.
Do not just walk in and expect them to write you a check if the other bills are not going to clear.
You need to think of your employees and not yourself.
You need to realize they are the ones that keep your company going and if you lose them you have no business.
Even if you lose one person it affects the whole office.
Have your employees sign an agreement showing what they exactly do! And do not keep adding to it until you have discussed it with the employee and see if they can handle that work load.
Make out a new agreement when you do that and keep it in their file.
This way you can review and they can too what their job is.
When you have an office far away from any place to eat make sure you have a kitchen or place to prepare their food, or give them that extra time to eat and refresh for the afternoon work.
You do not want your employees tired and hungry; they do not perform as well then.
If there is one thing I can help you with, just remember they are human and they have a life just like you and they have talents that contribute to your success.
Treat them right and with respect; they will always be there for you.
Do not reprimand them in front of others; always take them to another place away from the other employees.
Praise them in front of their peers, and always tell them how much they are needed and wanted.

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