Benefit of Having Goals in the Second Half of Life

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In the second half of life there is an inner desire to become who we are capable of being.
How is that different from the goal setting we have done before? The major difference is that now we want to truly listen to our own voice.
We care about being happy and content on the inside.
We are no longer as driven by external expectations.
What matters is our own well being.
At this stage in life there is an inner yearning for being authentically present.
In my work with men and women I have found that the people who have put most of their energy into developing their careers and not as much into their relationships now seek meaningful relationships.
Likewise, people who have not had a chance to develop their entrepreneurial and intellectual side now want to put energy into that.
When deciding on your goal at this stage of life ask yourself what would make your life vibrant.
Would it be having more friends, to live somewhere else, have a job that excites you, have more closeness with your spouse or find someone with whom you can share your life, or finally start the business you have been dreaming about for years? Perhaps you have been wanting to improve your well being through exercise, good eating habits, clothes that compliment you, and find ways to give back to the community.
Goals stretch us to do something new and different.
In the second half of life there is that special internal push that propels us to reevaluate our lives.
Growth is possible at any age and so is being able to create your life to be one that you truly enjoy.

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