Ways to Combat Anxiety

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In the future abatement with Nano Bots may be possible to take out clusters of bacteria, viruses or biological contaminants.
How might this be done?Well, if each set of Nano Bots positions themselves inside of a grid and within each grid the Nano Bots worked together in swarming patterns or columns then such a strategy could actually work.
Picture if you will the scene of a biological or virus breakout that must be controlled before humans can go back into the area.
Now then, a robotic team would go in and release the Nano Bots near the areas where the strongest clusters of biological contaminants were.
Next, the Nano Bots would self organize into small grids and key off each other to stay in position, while they were to abate the problem.
Such abatement procedures and protocols for Nano Bots through swarming column strategies may also be away to attack cancer cells in the human bile system.
Additionally consider the use of Nano Bots and these techniques to make sure that clean rooms were 100 percent contaminant free.
Also consider if you will be possible space applications after a probe or a capsule full of astronauts came back from Mars or another world where they would be bringing back contaminants that we could not afford to let loose in our Earth's atmosphere as they quite possibly could cause a runaway of fact and or a biological ego disaster.
Consider the movie; Andromeda Strain and you can see the point I am trying to make here.
Think of this in 2006.

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