American Popular Culture As Portrayed by Televisions

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The television, which is also fondly nicknamed the 'idiot box', has become a necessary evil in most American homes.
Most people cannot imagine their lives without the television.
They cannot imagine making through the day without watching their favorite tv shows like sitcoms, reality shows, musicals, chat shows, news, games etc.
The glamorous reel world keeps them hooked to their television sets for hours.
It has been estimated that by 1990s the number of US homes owning at least one television has increased from a figure of some thousands in 1947 to about 98% of the population.
In an average American home, the number of hours the tv shows are being watched is around 7 per day.
Companies are pumping millions of dollars as sponsorships into new shoes; glitzy advertisements have become quite common during show breaks.
Production houses are making their best efforts to introduce new shoes that will catch on with the mass.
PR houses are throwing in all their promotional powers behind the tv shows and the result is that the public are enjoying them like never before, thereby increasing the show TRP and making the producers millions of dollars richer.
   The popular culture as introduced by televisions has also impacted the ways people view families, friends, marriages and life as a whole.
Earlier tv shows depicted families as a tight social unit with the parents taking care of the children, the father earning money and the mother staying at home.
Family provided all the support and inspiration.
Now friends are gaining more importance than families.
More and more women are stepping out of the house to make a successful career; more children are facing sexual abuse, parental divorces and affairs etc.
Drug abuses, alcoholic binges, teenage sexual activities, uncalled-for violence have become a lifestyle for many as these things are being glamorized on television.
Reality shows with disturbing contents, chat shows bringing out startling facts about our favorite celebrities are being enjoyed by every one as shown by the TRP figures.
   These social changes are widespread.
And only the future can tell what will they lead to.

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