DSquared Clothing– Fashion Like No Other

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DSquared is a brand well-known for its extraordinary collection of stylish designs that awe the rest of the world. It is well known in the international fashion scene, and to every individual who simple loves wearing designer clothes.

Humble Beginnings

Dsquared is a relatively new brand in the market founded by twin brothers Dean and Dave Caten. Although they have been in the fashion design industry for a few years (working for Diesel and Gianni Versace), they welcomed independence and put up their own designer brand only in 1994. From the day they held their first Dsquared collection for men, their popularity went full circle. In 2003, almost 10 years after, the Caten brothers released their first clothing line for women.

Part of Dsquared's popularity stems from the fact that they are well-loved by celebrities. Think of Madonna, Karolina Kurkova, Naomi Campbell, and the likes of Ricky Martin, Lenny Kravitz and Ricky Martin. These celebrities have different styles and preferences yet they are all happy with Dsquared. This fashion brand has indeed reached a wide scope in terms of target market - men and women of all ages from different backgrounds, with different sense of styles and preferences all come together to appreciate one designer brand.

Dsquared offers a contemporary, modish, and almost extraordinary range of men clothing. This includes stylish T-shirts, trendy hoody jackets and sweaters, classic zipped up biker jackets, exciting polo shirts, and a casual to rugged range of denim shorts, denim jeans and cargo pants. For women, Dsquared offers a very enticing collection that consists of casual denims, 100% cotton shirts, stylish jackets, as well as attention-grabbing evening cocktail wear.

They also offer one of the most impressive lines of shoes for men and women. Whether you want a pair on the go or a pair of dressy shoes for those special days, Dsquared has something in store for you. Dsquared provides a wide range of choices shoes - from leather to sneakers and trainers for men, and flats, boots, pumps to sexy high heels.

This fashion brand now also offers a line of sunglasses, fragrance and even cosmetics to complete your look. Just like their clothing line, these accessories and collections are just as popular for their unmatched quality. With consumer demands increasing all over the world, it will not be surprising to see some new excellent additions to this brand in the coming years.

In just a decade and a half, Dsquared has successfully made its way to be among the top high-end fashion labels today. But what is it in Dsquared that makes it stand out in this very competitive fashion market? Dean and Dan's tailoring elegance - a mix of Canadian and Italian styling, their sparkling attention to detail, and their passion to create and innovate without compromising quality and style - all these allow them to come up with beautiful products well-loved by the fashion-conscious worldwide. Dean and Dan Caten have also managed to add a real life touch to their creations to create an impression that these clothes were made for real people - for you.

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