Speed Up Your Metabolism - Dispel the First Myth About Your Metabolism

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I've found that to speed up my metabolism permanently, and easily, the thing I needed to do was to understand what it is and how it works.
What is its anatomy? what is its purpose? What are the parts? What will find is that your metabolism is the door-way to natural weight loss and health.
When you understand it, you will see that you can control it.
First I will explain what your metabolism really is and what it does for you.
It isn't what you might think.
Then I'll get into the answers to that question.
First of all, I found out the answer to the question, "How do I speed up my metabolism?" depends on knowing what your metabolism is.
I asked 100 people what they thought metabolism meant and over 80% of them said it is the rate that one burns food or burns calories.
In fact this is a quote I got from a doctor on the web, "The process of metabolism establishes the rate at which we burn our calories and, ultimately, how quickly we gain weight or how easily we lose it" That is a weight loss myth right there.
Unfortunately, that is only part of the whole picture of your metabolism.
It is not even an accurate picture.
This incomplete understanding of your metabolism is one of the MAJOR reasons that some weight loss programs work for some and not for others.
And why most do not work long-term.
So, to help you, I wanted to create a course for you to learn how your metabolism works despite what has been told to you.
I also broke down a definition of metabolism here to give you a more complete and accurate definition of what it means.
Metabolism is:
  • An automatic chemical reaction that constantly occurs in the body that converts matter into energy and nutrients to build cells to keep the body alive.
    Its purpose is to maintain, repair, and rebuild the body.
  • It is composed of two parts:
  • Catabolism, which is the continuous process of breaking down of substances within the body into raw materials (otherwise known as nutrients) and also release energy into the body.
  • Anabolism, which is the continuing process of getting the basic nutrients created in the catabolic process and feeding existing cells constructing new cells for the body.
  • The ultimate purpose of your metabolism is to keep your body alive and vital as possible for as long as possible by creating new cells for your body.
    Anything that affects this purpose, affects your metabolism.
Derivation The word Metabolism comes from the archaic Greek words "meta" and "ballien" meta- (met′É(TM)) 1.
change in position or form, alteration, transposition metathesis, metasomatism ballein 1.
to throw So the derivation of the word metabolism means "to throw into change" Every Life Form Has their Own Metabolsim A plant, for example gets sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into its system and its metabolism breaks those down into nutrients needed to keep existing cells alive and to build more plant cells for the whole plant to keep living.
A gorilla is purely vegetarian and eats raw fruits and vegetables and yet remains extremely muscular and strong.
Its metabolism is designed that way.
Your body's metabolism has the ultimate end purpose of building new cells to keep your body alive and thriving.
So, what does speeding up the metabolism mean? Most people understand that to mean burn the food they eat faster!!! Especially fat!! But the real answer is three-fold: 1.
Speed up the process of breaking down matter to nutrients for building cells    2.
Increase the amount of energy released generated in Step 1    3.
Speed up the process of repairing and building cells your body wants to create.
You can take a free course found at the link below to learn about your metabolism.

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