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Giving our burdens to God is the simplest thing we ever have to do.
We don't need to worry about all the details and how things are going to show up for us.
It is that faith which Divinely guides us in our next step of action.
How often though do we give ourselves over to God's loving embrace? Did you know that things show up for us in the form of intuition, ideas, people, books?Sometimes we get disillusioned as we believe it's supposed to be in the form we want it to be.
I asked for money, where is it?I asked for a better relationship, where is it?I asked for better health, where is it? Guess what? God always delivers.
He knows exactly what you need, and the mustard seed is planted.
The harvest is here when God believes you are ready.
We do get impatient while we're waiting for the harvest.
We want to hurry up and dig up the seed to ensure it's growing.
We work ourselves with worry wondering if that seed will ever produce our abundance and prosperity.
What we don't see is the miracle that is taking place underneath the ground to deliver our bountiful harvest.
The Universe, in its intelligence, is cultivating the right environment.
Sometimes the answer is right in front of us, but we miss the opportunity.
When we let go of the outcome, we let God and the Universe do the work.
We have planted the seed.
Our only job now is to be grateful that things are evolving exactly as they should and the delivery date is right here, right now.
God intends that we are joyful in every moment, regardless of our "perception" of our circumstances.
Trust in yourself.
When you trust in yourself, you trust in the wisdom that created you.
How does this relate to your health and weight loss? It is no accident that you are reading this.
It is no accident that you have subscribed to this newsletter.
You are right where you need to be.
You only need to ask yourself one question.
Is this the answer I've been looking for? I don't know if I'm your answer.
I don't know if I'm exactly what you need.
What I do know is that God intends me to help people with their health, simply and beautifully.
Let me see if I can help you make your decision.
Just recently, I was faced with a decision in leasing commercial space in a healing center in Silverdale, Washington.
I had heard a strong message that I was supposed to get out in the community more, but I didn't ask to lease space.
I have been doing my energy and weight loss practice from my home.
The landlord, who was leasing the space, called and said she had seen my flyer for my weight loss program and Isagenix products so I thought she was calling me to help her.
No, she was calling me to see if I wanted to lease space.
So I closed my eyes and said, "Okay, God, if this is really meant for me, I want a zebra to come running through my living room.
Then I'll know it's really from You.
" Now, this seems pretty silly, but I sure was going through some of this self-talk and also putting my fingers over my eyes and saying, "When I open my eyes, I want you to send me a clear sign that this is what you mean by getting out in the community more.
" There was no zebra!No black and white of anything! I then called a friend asking for assistance with my decision who said these words, "How many more people can you help if you are more visible in the public?" This is exactly what I needed to hear and I made my decision to lease the space.
It's been a very spiritual experience, but you want to know something?It's what I have envisioned for many years.
I could picture myself doing this.
When Arnold Swarzennager was interviewed asking how an immigrant could possibly be Governor of California, this was his response.
I pictured myself doing this and now I'm just living that picture.
What are you picturing for yourself? We miss opportunities because we don't want to believe that God provides in ways that we don't quite expect.
We miss opportunities because we focus on the lack of money in order to take that step in faith.
God always provides and remember it may not be in the form that we expected.
Did you know your salary at your job is only a channel; it is not your Source.
Your abundance only comes from one Source and He sends it to you through many different channels.
Hopefully, I've helped you.
Make the decision that is right for you.
Choose to have abundant health.
I can show you how.

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