Canada Visa and Immigration: Qualifying Occupations for Federal Skilled Worker

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Canada Visa and Immigration: Qualifying Occupations for Federal Skilled Worker program 2013 edition are going to be the ones which have been in acute demand in the domestic labor pool and the local resources have proven insufficient consistently in fulfilling requirements. NOC 2011 will continue to influence occupational trade codes and prescribed definitions for duties and exposure.

Professions are categorized into types and classes on the basis of the responsibilities and duties deemed critical for those occupations. As the per the new regulations an applicant will be required to have minimum of one year exposure in period of last 10 years immediately preceding placement of request under FSW. The categorizations are as follows:
€ Skill Class 0 (management level)
€ Skill Class A (professional trades)
€ Skill Class B (technical and skilled professions)

Listed Qualifying Occupations for Top Level Management personnel have always been a sought after class and there are good prospects in
€ Financial and business services
€ Health
€ Education
€ Social and community services
€ Construction, transportation, production and utilities
There is a consistent requirement for middle-rung management specialists in
€ Administration
€ Finance
€ Human resources
€ Insurance
€ Banking
€ Marketing
€ Food service, restaurants and accommodation
€ Construction and facility operation and maintenance
€ Natural resources extraction and fishing
€ Manufacturing

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Qualifying Occupations for personnel at supervisory level include
€ Administration
€ Finance and insurance
€ Library
€ Supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations
€ Human resources and recruitment
€ Purchasing agents and officers
€ Administrative assistants
€ Legal administration
€ Medical administration
€ Court reporters
€ Transcriptionists
€ Records management technicians
€ Statistical officers
€ Finance, insurance and related business administrative occupations
€ Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
€ Insurance adjusters and claims examiners
€ Insurance underwriters
€ Assessors, valuators and appraisers
€ Customs, ship and other brokers

Various classes of professionals are listed in preference category of Occupations in Federal Skilled Worker Canada. They include
€ Physicists
€ Astronomers
€ Chemists
€ Geoscientists
€ Oceanographers
€ Meteorologists
€ Biologists
€ Engineering specialists in
o Civil
o Mechanical
o Electrical
o Electronics
o Chemical
o Industrial
o Manufacturing
o Mining
o Geological
o Petroleum
o Aerospace
o Computer (except software and designers)
€ Architects
€ Urban planners
€ Land surveyors
€ Mathematicians
€ Statisticians
€ Actuaries
€ Transportation controllers
€ Pilots
€ Flight engineers
€ Flying instructors
€ Air traffic controllers
€ Deck and engineer officers, water transport
€ Railway and marine traffic regulators
€ Health professionals
o General and Specialist physicians, dentists and veterinarians
o Nurses
o Diagnostic professionals
o Pharmacists
o Dietitians
o Nutritionists
o Therapy assessment
o Audiologists
o Speech pathologists
o Physiotherapists
o Occupational therapists
o Respiratory therapists
o Clinical perfusionists
o Cardiopulmonary
€ Veterinary technologists and technicians
€ Opticians
€ Paramedics
€ Education
€ University professors
€ Post-secondary assistants
€ Teachers
€ Lecturers
€ Social and community service
€ Chefs
€ Cooks

Contractors and supervisors practicing trades linked in
€ Industrial, electrical and construction
€ Machining, metal working, shaping and erecting
€ Electrical trades and telecommunications occupations
€ Pipefitting
€ Carpentry
€ Machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting

Qualified Occupations for Canada Federal Skilled Worker 2013 program may also include specialists in various trades i.e.

€ Tool and die-making
€ Sheet metal-working
€ Boilermakers
€ Metal working and fitting
€ Ironworking
€ Welders
€ Electrical, power line and telecommunications
€ Electricians
€ Plumbers, pipe fitters and gas fitters
€ Carpenters
€ Masons and building related workers
€ Maintenance and inspection trades in
o Heavy equipment
o Refrigeration and air conditioning
o Aircraft
o Elevator constructors and mechanics
o Automotive service,
o Truck and bus
€ Motor and railway transport operations
€ Railway Carmen /women
€ Machine fitters
€ Crane operators, drillers and blasters

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