Easy Auto Insurance Tips For Young Drivers

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Turning sixteen is a big event in a teenager's life.
While getting your driver's license is part of the excitement, turning sixteen and getting those keys symbolizes so much more than just the ability to drive - it symbolizes greater freedom and independence.
However, with greater freedom comes greater responsibility which is why it's important to insist that your young driver participate in everything that comes with driving, from the auto loan process to finding the right auto insurance policy.
While young drivers are generally more expensive to insure, there are ways to decrease these monthly premiums.
Insurance companies offer many different types of discounts, some of which are specifically designed for young drivers.
There are good student discounts, for example, that reduce monthly premiums based on good grades.
The idea behind this, which is backed up by research, is that good grades are an indicator of responsibility in the classroom.
And for young drivers, responsibility in the classroom means responsibility on the road.
Auto insurance companies also offer discounts for taking defensive driving courses, something that many young drivers take as a matter of course when studying to take their driver's test.
Another way to save money when insuring a young driver is to add the driver to a parent's existing policy.
While many parents encourage financial responsibility in their teens by asking them to secure and pay for their own auto insurance, this can get expensive.
Instead, consider adding your teenager to your existing policy, and having him or her pay the difference to you.
This way, he or she is still responsible for the insurance costs, but isn't paying a ridiculous amount either.
However, if you feel that it is important that your teenage driver carries his or her own policy, there are a few other ways to save money on a policy.
Comparison shopping is one powerful tool for saving money on auto insurance.
In some cases, you can find the exact same policy at a cheaper rate through a larger, national insurance company.
Another idea for helping your teenage driver save money on his or her policy is to have him or her drive a vehicle with certain safety features insurance companies look for.
By using these ideas, teenage drivers can save money on their auto insurance.
Their rates are still likely to be high, but not as high as before.
It's only a matter of time before teenage drivers have built a clean driving record and a history of good grades, which will go a long way toward cheaper insurance policies in the future.

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