ACN - Is ACN a Company in Conflict?

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The Company: Since 1993 ACN has been in the forefront of the telecommunications industry, and has seen a massive growth especially when it comes leveraging the technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol, or (VOIP).
ACN has established as strong, well defined, Multi Level Marketing company, operating in over 20 countries, and their claims as to being the largest company in direct sales of communication services and products may be well founded.
The Problem: While being lead by a very strong leadership team headed by Robert Stevanovski, Mike and Tony Cupisz and Greg Provenzano, and having a public endorsement from Donald Trump, one would be amazed that a company, that utilizes 22nd century technology, is still relying on marketing techniques that date back to the 1900's Just imagine being a new independent ACN business person, surrounded by all this technology, and being told to use good, old fashion "shoe leather" and go introduce this company to their friends and family! As a kid I remember the 'Fuller Brush Man' coming to my door.
Is this any way to market such a technological advanced company such as ACN? The Solution: The internet has been a source for marketing almost from the beginning of its live, and thousands of professional marketers have positioned themselves there.
They are poised, in front of millions of people every hour that have a want, need, and desire for the products and services of their company.
There are thousands of ads on the Internet, right now, for people that are representing ACN, without any corporate sponsorship.
Having spoken to some of these people personally, I know they feel as if they are running (in the words of the government) a "clandestine operation", in that they need to keep this hidden from their upline.
Even when these reps produce great results from marketing on the internet, they still get the cold shoulder from their "superiors", who don't approve.
In Conclusion; Statistical data can be found that shows that 96% of the people that start in network marketing companies quit after 90-120 days.
This should not be the case with ACN reps.
ACN reps need to unite, and open the eyes of the "sleeping giant".
Those that are already marketing on the internet need to "come out of the closet".
Those that want to really succeed need to get the education and training need to be a successful internet marketer.
While there may be a cost to this training, one can just look at the success of those marketing on line, to justify that expense.

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