Week 22 of Your Pregnancy

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This week your baby's tongue forms taste buds.
He or she may also be growing lanugo.
This is a soft downy body hair that falls off before or shortly after birth.
If your baby will be born with hair on its head it also starts to appear now.
Changes To Your Body You may begin to experience what are called Braxton Hicks contractions.
These are harmless sporadic contractions that feel like a squeezing sensation.
They occur randomly and not in a pattern like real contractions.
Some women don't experience these contractions at all.
Lifestyle Considerations You are just over the halfway point in the pregnancy and may find working more stressful.
Moms to be who planned to work right up until they go into labor often change their mind around this time in their pregnancy as they feeling tired and exhausted.
If you are planning to work during this time then remember to take it easy and to do one thing at a time.
Good Advice The second trimester is the best time to take a vacation.
You may feel heavy and uncomfortable during the third trimester.
A vacation can help take your mind off of any physical discomfort as well as relieve mental stress.
Taking a vacation now is well advised as you will not get another break for some time after the baby is born.
Try to go somewhere where there is a pool or a beach so you can do some easy exercising in some water.
NEXT WEEK: Your baby's lungs develop.

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