The Powerful Spectacle

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The Powerful Spectacle

The warrior went to the doctor for a spectacle.

The doctor tested his eyes and found no defect.

The traveler returned and sat down looking to the nature.

Above the mountain there was a considerable silence.

Becoming unable to clearly grasp the concepts of the books the traveler was thinking of some defects in his eyes.

When the doctor told that his eyes were perfect he was worried.

At any cost he wanted a spectacle to see things,feel them and grasp them in a better manner.

He saw no body to help him except himself.

He tried to comprehend the incomprehensibility of all things and beings in the world.

Being a divine child he had understood that nothing is imposiible in this world.

Each human being has infinite powers to change himself and the world.

Feeling powerful he could grasp the powers of the universe.

He could see the God who was incessantly alert and active.

He could see all His activities in all things and beings.

That is why we are living and the world is existing.

He could get the divine essence sitting on the top of the mountain.

He felt the presence of a powerful spectacle within himself.

Returning home his vision was very clear and he felt his eyes to be perfect and pure.

What ever he did and read he could get all its essence.

His mind was filled with joy and ecstacy and he was merged in deep insight.

He could discover the most powerful spectacle within himself.

It was possible only due to a change in his mindset.

He could feel infinite powers and potency within himself.

The eyes of knowledge opened and gave him all the essence.

When the eyes of knowledge opened at each time he could experience a sweet dawn.

He could see the bright but soft and smooth sun in his mental horizon.

The singing birds and the gentle wind gave him all hopes and he acquired a greater vision.

Applying his visionary powers he could make sweet all the dawns.

Wearing the inner specatcle nothing seemed for him to be impossible.

He was able to penetrate in to all things and beings.

Remaining there he could sense all their vibrations.

By that he was not only helpful to himself but also helpful for the family,society and organization.

The specatcle which was put on his eyes gave him ample opportunities.

He could advance with all success,pride and dignity.

Joy and happiness were filled in his mind merging him in serenity and tranquility.

He arose and awoke until the goal was reached.

He was able to fulfill all his hopes and dreams.

Lived happily serving his organiaztion,society and family.

God's grace fell on him and he could clearly feel the showers of flowers.

With the eyes of knowledge and with the powerful spectacle he always felt himself merged in divine showers.

The silence of the mind made him aware of the light.

Though he never used the worldy specatcle but the divine spectacle gave him a beautiful sight.

He could see and understand things and beings in a better manner.

He could lead a happy life becoming successful in all his endeavor.

The inner eyes and the powerful specatcle saved him from all dangers.

He was not only able to solve his own problems but those of others.

Mastering all the worldly knowledge he was merged in divine knowledge.

His life became a celebrity and he saw all brightness in each breath.

Serving the family,society and the organization he flourished.

Becoming incessantly active like God lot of success he could achieve.

With the fulfilled hopes and dreams he showed others all light.

Through the powerful spectacle he got proper direction and always felt vibrant,dynamic and bright.

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