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Ten Facts You Should Know When searching online for a interior redesign training and home staging classes, there are several centers to choose from.
Which interior redesign/home staging training class, workshop or online course will be the right fit for you? Following is a list of questions you should ask yourself and the prospective instructor to be certain you are making the best and most cost effective decision.
First and foremost, consider the credentials of the training instructor.
What are their decorating experience and affiliations? 2.
Ask if the redesign/staging training manual is actually written text or full of filler paper for you to take notes.
Ask the font size too.
Find out if you will become eligible to join other professional affiliations or if this is forbidden.
Ask for a list of specific tools and decorating supplies the training workshop will provide.
Find out if there are any additional charges for a website posting.
Ask if there are any annual fees or charges to join the affiliation you are considering paying thousands of dollars to for your redesign training.
Ask if you will receive a certificate or certification upon successfully completing your home staging or interior redesign training.
This information should be freely offered up-front...
not after you have already committed.
Ask if there is any testing involved and if so, is it included in the course or a added on additional fee.
Factor into the tuition cost any additional travel and hotel requirements.
Ask if the redesign teacher will consider traveling to your town.
Many will for a certain minimum number of students.
This could save you lots of money! Once you have done your research and had all these questions answered you will be able to make an informed and educated decision.

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