Enjoy Your Favorite Foods When Dieting

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Do you find yourself dieting and always denying yourself of your favorite foods? It was during my first encounter in the Thin Within weight loss program in 2005 that we encountered the following scripture which was a tremendous source of inspiration to me.
1 Corinthians 6:12 "Everything is permissible for me"- but not everything is beneficial.
"Everything is permissible for me" - but I will not be mastered by anything.
As I read this scripture and realized that all foods are permissible, I was suddenly awakened.
I had always thought that there were foods that were forbidden at all times when trying to lose weight.
I really liked this concept and it actually made a lot of sense as it instilled in me a sense of freedom in my eating.
Prior to this realization, whenever I indulged in many of my favorite foods, I often was overcome with guilt and condemnation afterwards.
Anytime that you deny yourself of your favorite foods, there is a tendency to dwell on that particular food even more.
If you tell me that I can't have one of my favorite foods such as Italian Cream Cake, peanut butter fudge, or brownies, I want it all the more and develop an intense craving for it.
Therefore, you never want to totally deprive yourself of any of your favorite foods.
Rather you should eat your favorite food, possibly a smaller portion, and truly savor the taste as you enjoy every bite.
As you realize that no foods are off limits and you can eat and enjoy your favorite foods, you will begin to experience a freedom in your eating that will lead to making wiser food choices.
If you are like me, you may actually find that after a while, you may be able to satisfy your desire for sweets with just a bite after you realize that sweets are no longer off limits.
Denying yourself of your favorite foods can lead to out of control eating.
However, the last part of the verse, "but I will not be mastered by anything," especially caught my attention.
I had never really thought of food controlling my life.
If you are constantly giving in and eating even when you are not hungry or continuing to ignore the subconscious warnings as you continue to overeat, you are allowing food to control your eating whether it is a particular food or just overeating in general.

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