Plumbers Are Very Essential for Home Improvements

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It should be possible to convert spreadsheet graph data to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
This could also be achieved in any software system that uses graphs.
It is difficult to convert one structure to a different representation such as a tree based information structure of a component into a diagrammatic representation of a component in SVG.
This is not impossible though as CAD tools can do this.
But output of a graph to SVG is straight forward, as the actual structure and semantics are the same, its only the syntax that needs conversion, so this can be achieved using virtually any programming language.
In spreadsheets the data is converted to a graph automatically anyway.
However it is not practical to expect users to do this, its much more sensible to provide this functionality for them, so they can concentrate on representing the graph to explain the information they want displayed.
There might be graph types that are difficult to translate, but a good approach would be to first automate the translation to bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts.
If anyone has worked on this can they let me know, and I'll add an explanation of what they are doing to this article.
It would also be interesting to know whether anyone is aware of whether Microsoft are going to provide an HTML output that conforms to W3C recommendations for XHTML so the converted pages can be validated.
This is another straight forward problem, and would save everyone so much time.
Another thing that would save a great deal of peoples' time is a tool to aid in conversion of non-compliant web pages to compliant pages.

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