Home Remedies for Dental Pain

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Dental pain varies for each individual and ranges from mildly distracting and irritating to excruciating, depending on the cause and type of pain. Luckily, though a dentist should be seen in severe cases, there are many home remedies for dental pain.

Garlic Remedy

Garlic has been part of the cure for various health problems for generations. The allicin found in garlic has an antibiotic effect and kills infection causing bacteria. Placing a clove of garlic at the painful area and then chewing it will kill the bacteria and help alleviate the pain.

Onion Remedies

Onion is known to kill bacteria and it helps minimize or eliminate pain in the mouth by killing the bacteria causing the pain. Two options are available for the onion. Either cut a small slice and put it directly by the tooth or area in pain or eat the onion and kill all of the bacteria in the mouth.

Cucumber Soothing

Cucumbers are known for soothing properties and are often used on the skin. The same properties that make it soothe the skin can help relieve aching teeth. Cut a small piece of cucumber the size of the painful area and then place it on the tooth. Allow it to sit and it will help alleviate the pain. Cold cucumber from the fridge is better than warm cucumber.

Vanilla Numbing

Vanilla extract is a useful home remedy for dental pain because it has a numbing effect on the tooth. Whether the pain is minimal or excruciating, the vanilla will help. Take about a mouthful of vanilla extract and swish it around the teeth where the pain is located. Once the tooth is numbed, spit out the vanilla.

Hot Towel

For pain that does not seem to have a localized area, such as when the entire jaw feels achy and in pain, a hot towel can help minimize the pain. Get the towel wet with hot water and wring it until it is damp and hot. Only get the towel hot enough for comfort. If it gets too hot, let it cool to a comfortable temperature and then wring it out. Place the towel against the painful areas until the pain decreases.

Home remedies for dental pain make the discomfort reasonable and less distracting. Sometimes, a remedy eliminates the pain for immediate relief when a dentist is not available. Quick and cheap dental pain relief could be as close as your kitchen.


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