How to Get Your Ex Back Even If You Have Done Everything and Nothing Works

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How to get your ex back? Are you trying to win back your ex but no matter what you do, nothing seems to work? Well, you are certainly not alone.
There are many people who fail to get their ex back even though they have tried everything.
Why is that so? Most likely, it is because they have made the following mistakes.
a) Calling their ex over and over again.
b) Arguing with their ex about the break up.
c) Stalking their ex d) Drunk dialing e) And many more Perhaps you can identify with some of those things above.
If you have also made the same mistakes, it is important to stop doing them again.
This is because if you do any of those things above, it will give your ex the impression that you are desperate and needy.
Desperation and neediness will push your ex away.
This is certainly not what you want.
If you are wondering how to get your ex back, you need to do the complete opposite of what you have been doing.
Instead of pursuing your ex, it is time to take a step back.
Very often, the best way to get your ex back is to cut off contact with your ex.
There is a very good reason why you should do that.
First, it gives both of you time and space to think about the relationship.
Second, it gives your ex the opportunity to start missing you again.
If you keep on pursuing your ex, how can you expect your ex to miss you?

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