SR22 Auto Insurance - Compare Prices

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If you are like me and you have had a DUI or a DWI then you know how expensive it can be.
After you paid for all the alcohol classes and your lawyers fees and court cost along with paying for the alcohol evaluations and then if you get your licence back.
Do you think your done and you can just get on with your life? The answer to that is NO, because you now have to buy SR22 insurance alone with buying regular insurance.
With the current economy do you really need the added expense? Most likely you don't, but what can you do? What you can do is shop around and try and find the best price.
When I first bought my SR22 insurance I got my regular insurance company and then I had my SR22 company.
I could afford it but the money I was spending was nuts.
So what could I do,well I decided to get on the computer and just look around and get quotes.
I learned that if I combined as much insurance as I could on the same policy I could save hundreds well closer to a thousand dollars a year.
If you can look around and see if you can combine SR22 and regular insurance then look to see if you can add your home, fire, and if possible life.
By doing this the company to get your business will give you discounts.
Another great thing about doing this is your only paying one bill a month instead of paying 3 or 5 bills a month.
So in this economy why not find ways to save yourself money so you can finally see your bank account grow instead of being in the negative every month or just getting by.

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