Confident public speaking – 3 tips to impress your audience without them knowing

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When it comes to public speaking, most people shun away almost instantly, whether it is small audiences in meeting rooms, to parties and public occasions. My congratulations to you who decided to face your fear and leap at success, but understand that getting on stage is just the first step. After that, you need to learn the ropes of good speech; the secret techniques expert speakers exploit to charm their audience.


Laughter is your best weapon to dominate your audience's attention. Say something funny, or do something hilarious and everyone will share with you their laughs. However, do stay away from corny jokes or ‘lame' jokes which may instead turn people off.  Be very careful not to overdo it, or it will seem like you are trying too hard.

<b>You are not doing a report</b>

While humor does a good job, making your speech interesting is also a key quality to be confident in public speaking. What it means is to rephrase your sentences to provoke thought in your audience.  Take an example, ‘There are 400 million users on Facebook,' or ‘1 in every 14 people has a Facebook account.' Then make a comparison, ‘compared to Myspace users, they are two times more.' Isn't it easier to visualize, rather than just saying ‘there are 400 million users'? There is a Chinese saying which literally translates to 'playing music for the cows', if your speech is not comprehensible by your audience, you lose points. Make it easy, make it short, and make it understandable.

<b>Pause periodically</b>

Do not be afraid of silence. A short 3-5 seconds pause is more than welcome by your audience. When you feel you need a short break, take it. Re-organize your thoughts if you have to. When you are at a loss of words, this is a better choice than the use of fillers. At the same time, it allows your audience to digest and soak in the information you just delivered to them. It might seem a little awkward, so just smile to your audience, and carry on.

Mastering the secret of confident public speaking is not an easy task. Not everyone can speak like Tony Blair or Barrack Obama, but you can certainly get one step closer if you work at it. Who knows, you may be up on the stage one day, speaking at the world as your audience.

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